Trained dogs for sale

We have the opportunity to train and offer for sale some of the best dogs in the country.  Many times a started dog is a wise choice.  Skip the "puppy" stage and know exactly the abilities and personality of the dog.  This makes it easy to find a dog whose performance matches your expectations and style.

Several dogs ready for this hunting season!


"Baby" is a very affectionate, three year old Weimaraner. 
She has all the fundamentals of hunting and is ready to be
your companion in the field and at home!
          Price:  Sold




"Kate" is a 5 year old German Shorthaired Pointer.  
Experience, style and energy with the pedigree to
back it up, is what you get with this finished dog.
  Ready to wow you in the field now!
          Price:  Sold



"Cowboy" is a beautiful 3 year old Weimaraner.
Affectionate and yearning to please his owner.
He has tons of experience in many different areas
and will exceed your expectations!
          Price:  Sold


                     "Deuce X Abby pups"

    One year old puppies are showing lots of
potential.  Finding birds with the big dogs!
Check out that pedigree. Price will increase
with training.
      Price:   Sold


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